The Fearful Dog and the Happy Dog

I was thinking yesterday about the story I see online every couple years, the one that talks about how the wolf you feed is the one that wins.

It occurred to me that my brain is like two dogs, not two wolves. If you’ve ever met a dog that was mistreated when it was younger, you’ll be able to picture what I mean when I talk about the poor thing cowering, wanting only to be liked.

And then you have the dog that was loved and played with its whole life. It leaps around, never questioning its place in the world.

My brain has been the cowering dog, and as with any animal you’ve rescued, transforming a fearful animal into a happy (or happier) animal is a matter of small steps and constant care.

The maltreated dog may never be as buoyant and joyful as a dog that has been loved and cared for its whole life, but if it’s treated well, it may get to be a very happy dog, indeed.

Quick sketch of a dog.
My first dog drawing. Sorry.

I hope it doesn’t need to be said, but you can’t help the beaten dog by beating on it more!

8 thoughts on “The Fearful Dog and the Happy Dog

  1. That’s a better drawing of a dog than I could do…
    Good post and one I relate to.. again. Sorry, but I do.

    An animal that’s been mistreated often scratches, bites, and growls, etc and pushes well meaning help and support away. As it is protecting itself.
    We do the same very often.

    Btw, sorry I removed you and everyone on my old blog “Borderline and beyond”. I had to start over with a fresh new blog. There were reasons for doing this, as well as coming off twitter and other social media.

    1. Hey! I didn’t realize it was you. I went looking for your old blog recently and saw it was gone. I’m glad you’re back. I’ll look at your new blog!

      1. My blog is different to my last one. So it may not interest you as much. I use this blog just for how I feel now. It’s not a blog directly about BPD, but obviously has elements of it in there.
        Glad to have made contact again anyways.

          1. Above everything else, the one thing I feel every day and is the strongest, is the unending emptiness.
            No matter what I do, where I go, who I am with, it is always there.
            It is like the torture of my soul.

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