“What’s Next After a BPD Dx” by Dr. D. Fox

Another blogger (Tigerchelle at Borderline and Beyond) pointed me toward Dr. Fox’s BPD videos on Twitter. I wish I’d known about this one months ago: “What’s Next After a Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis – Understanding and Helping

3 thoughts on ““What’s Next After a BPD Dx” by Dr. D. Fox

  1. You know you asked…. Am I on Twitter? The strangest thing is I had a dream last night about making a twitter account…. And putting stuff on there…do not ask me why???? (I am seriously not making this up), it’s so weird
    ….. 🤔

    1. Michelle, I was happy to see you on Twitter. I’m following a whole bunch of very supportive folks dealing BPD and other illnesses. I hope you’ll look through my Following list to see if you would like to follow some of them.


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